Thursday, March 26, 2009

Creative Commons vs. ©

Illustration I did for the Coxacreme blog. The text is about the Creative Commons (cc) license versus Coryright © in the brazilian blogosphere.


"Birds: theese mysterious beautiful creatures that came to our planet sundenly in 1962, are still an enigma today".

If you got 3 minutes, I recomend you watch this amazing british documentary: Birds of Britain. It really enlightened me about birds and bees. Enjoy!


Bad luck they say, triskaidekaphobia they say.
In eastern ukrainian military culture, especially in "old school war", where symbols often represent the opposite of their most obvious meaning, 13 sometimes symbolizes good luck, symbolizes peace.

“They said this mystery never shall cease:
the priest promotes war, and the soldier peace.”
William Blake ( *1757 +1827 )