Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"INKSHOT is a new comicbook anthology put together to show the world some of the Brazilian production through short and dynamic stories done with gusto."

Last year Hector Lima invited me to join this project with a 5 page story and I decided to tell about two brothers. They were born in the same day, in the same village and under the same moon. They shared a history of crime together and one day, decided to make the move of their lives. After that, everything would be different, at least for one of them.

My colleague here at the studio, Danilo Beyruth also contributed with a nice short story.

This project is powered by Hector Lima, Pablo Casado, Felipe Cunha, Felipe Sobreiro and has no release date or publisher yet, but you can see previews, author bios, step-by-step of some of the stories and links of current collaborators in the INKSHOT blog. Spread the word!

Monday, May 25, 2009

IDEAFIXA Travel Sketchbook!

The "Ideafixa - Cadernos de Viagem" or "Ideafixa - Travel Sketchbook" is a sketchbook that travels from one artist to another, following a predetermined list. Different artists, but the illustrations subject is the same: Travel. The project will result in a travelling exibition or even a book.

The concept is not so different from the Sketchtravel guys, but Made in Brazil and much easier to control.

Theese are my two pages. I took some pictures during the process and put together some kind of making of. In the last picture you can see all the materials I used in the work.

There's more on my Flickr page.

I was the 3rd to get the book here at the studio. Before me, Daldoce and Nitchows got the job done. After me, the task went to Pietro Antognioni.

The book is still travelling and you can also see more great work and people in the project Flickr page. Check it out!