Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Holidays, everybody!

Thanks for everything! I hope you have a great Christmas and for 2009, I make mine Tyler's words.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I am the Christmas Spirit!

How does the Ghost of the Christmas Spirit looks like?

"I cause the aged to renew their youth and to laugh in the old, glad way."

"I enter the home of poverty, causing palefaced children to open their eyes wide, in pleased wonder."

BEWARE The Evil Santa!

The Evil Santa Claus is a mythological or folkloric road revenant who subsists by feeding on the blood of the bad children. In folkloric tales, the Evil Santa often visited misbehaving children and caused mischief or deaths in the neighbourhoods. He likes poisoned Motorbikes.

So if you don't believe in him, BEWARE, because the Evil Santa Claus will visit you on Christmas eve...

Life is not so short

There are decades between theese two pages...

"Keeping time, time, time, in a sort of runic rhyme. To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells, from the bells, bells, bells".
Edgar Allan Poe ( *1809 +1849 )

Thursday, December 18, 2008


As I said before, the original Diburros's voice had been silenced by occult forces beyond my control. I had no choice but start all over again, and with Cava's great help, I did it.

The old blog is gone, but here's the new one. Take a look.

By the way, this is Lucas's sketchbook. I did this while he was on the phone, taking a job.

Friday, November 07, 2008


This is the Comic Book project I'm currently working on.

Caleb Miner is a small-time criminal, committing petty crimes to make ends meet. But when a confrontation with one of the world's most beloved Superhero's takes a tragic turn, the media paints Caleb as the world's next Super Villain. Where do you turn when every cop, reporter, and hero in the world is hunting you? By Stephen Lindsay, featuring the artwork of Marcelo Braga.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dark SIde Illustration

New characters for the Promo ESPM blog, directed by the good ol' Brazilian Sith Lord, Vince Vader.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


No one would have believed in the last years that Diburros was being watched keenly and closely by so resentful intelligences. Occult forces, unsympathetic intellects regarded this blog with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against it. And last saturday came the great disillusionment., the original Diburros Blog is no longer avaiable for us.

SAP: É isso aí, galera, pelo visto o bom e velho Diburros foi fechado pelo Blogger Brasil. Até agora ninguém sabe como, onde ou porquê. Os melhores homens foram colocados no caso e mesmo assim não há muita esperança. Sem alternativas, estaremos atendendo agora nessa versão gringa até que novos fatos apareçam e as Forças Ocultas se desmascarem.

Thank you, Herbert!


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Something about E-ink

Illustration I did for the Coxa Creme's article about the Esquire's 75th anniversary collector's edition with E-ink cover.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The Old Fart Wonder!

One of the most talked-about Batman stories ever: Robin Year 72.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The COXA CREME Illustrations

Theese are some illustrations I've been doing for Cava's Coxa Creme blog. The blog is all about Advertising, Marketing, Technology and stuff. Unfortunately it's only available in portuguese, but the drawings are still universal.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Sunday, June 29, 2008

WALLPAPERS We Don't Need - Part 3!

Due to so many requests and questions about the Superman and Wolverine Wallpapers in this blog, and due to the fact that the Smurfs Wars was so well received, I've decided to work on some Smurfs Wallpapers. Meanwhile you can enjoy the second biggest desktop request: Hellboy, of course.

The original art was sent to Thomas Finley, in London. He's putting together a Big Monster Scrapbook Album and asked for my collaboration. Here's some kind of Making Of.





HELLBOY is trademarked TM and © by Mike Mignola. All rights reserved. MIKE MIGNOLA'S HELLBOY and related titles are published by Dark Horse Comics © 1997-2008. Mention of these characters in this document is without permission of MIKE MIGNOLA, but said use is not intended to challenge MIKE's Trademark rights or Copyrights. Readers who want to learn more about HELLBOY are encouraged to purchase the comic books. The author strongly suggests that this document be distributed free of charge.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The Story behind these characters is too weird to tell, but believe me, it really happened.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stan Winston

I did this drawing a couple of years ago. It's here as a tribute to Stan Winston's work. I had just bought his book when I read the sad news of his death.

Thanks Stan, for all the creatures.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sketchbooks Pages

Some pages are very old and some brand new, they're all posted at as well. The luckiest book is travelling again, now coming back from the "Tokyo - Moleskine Interior Life Style".

All the same stuff I always do, some Shrek, Hellboy, Logan, Indy, Fredão and my girl.

Friday, May 30, 2008

What if Joker was from Krypton?

I don't even think he would be a totally bad guy...
Maybe a little crazy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SMURFS WARS - Full Story

(*pra ler esse post em Português, clique aqui)

Between the years 2000 and 2001 I had an idea for a Graphic Novel about the SMURFS ®. As always, I didn't even start a script, just did some sketches for the heck of it. Other day I discovered that the small sky blue creatures complete 50 years in 2008 and decided to put this plot here, which as many others ideas, could one day turn into something... ...or maybe not.

The story starts after the Smurfs invasion of Gargamel's Castle. They finally captured and killed him, as well as his cat Azrael. As a trophy, the cat's preserved body was put at the center of the village's main square, as a reminder of Dark Times forever gone, or so they thought...

There was a period of peace and prosperity, everything went well until a disease took over the weakened body of Papa Smurf. Shortly before he died, Papa asked Hefty, the strongest Smurf, to take care of his children in the hopes that they never suffer from the lack of anything in his absence. Hefty, now living with Smurfette, his fiance, accepted this responsibility and, even with very little experience, lead his people with great wisdom. What he didn't know was that envy was always growing in the heart of Brainy Smurf. He, with his thick glasses, and enormous intelligence was the new leader's adviser and suffered deeply by the unrequited love of the only girl in the tribe: Smurfette. Also, he felt that he should be the new leader. After all he was the smartest Smurf and second-in-command behind Papa Smurf.

Jealous and envious, Brainy breaks away from Hefty and starts to preach a new ideal for his brothers: a Democracy! Educated and persuasive, he convince nearly half of the village with his revolutionary ideas. The Smurfs are now divided into two groups: those who support the Hefty centralized regime, and those who defend the democratic ideals of Brainy. Gradually, that which was only a debate heated on ideologies becomes a serious conflict. With tensions running high, a Civil War is declared and Brainy and his followers are expelled from the village and forced to live in the forest. Exiled, humiliated and angry, Brainy plots his revenge against Hefty. Knowing that Hefty and Smurfette had never had sex because they are not married, he orders a surprise attack at the village under a cold and rainy night.

Silently sneaking into town from the other side, Brainy enters Smurfette's tent, but she doesn't recognize him. Without his glasses and with a fake heart tattoo in his arm, he looks exactly like Hefty. Smurfette realizes something is wrong since the battle is raging outside of the tent, but her lover simply stands there, starring at her. Everything happens very fast, and she doesn't understand why he attacks and rapes her so fiercely and violently. Had the war turned Hefty into a monster? It wasn't suppose to be like this. She wants to explode, to cry, to die. Her screams aren't heard by anyone during the battle. After Brainy's silent escape, Hefty returns wounded and tired, says nothing and falls to bed completely oblivious to the pain on Smurfette's face.

Without a word about that horrible night, Hefty goes. And Smurfette, thinking that her lover has gone crazy or worse, thinking she's been shown a side of his soul that she wouldn't dare imagine, flees from the village requesting asylum from her former brother and enemy: Brainy. Assuming the role of protector he receives her with great affection and respect, making her all the necessary arrangements to stay close to him.

Everything goes as planned by Brainy. With his beloved by his side and his army's reinvigorated moral by successive victories over the village, the war's end seems closer every day.

Hefty, now an experienced warrior, feels also ashamed and confused for not keeping the promise made to Papa Smurf. With his heart flooded by hate and moved only by revenge he leads his men to the bloodiest battle of the Smurf's history. He could never forgive those who betrayed him. Not his brother and not even Smurfette, who was to become his wife ... Fear, despair, suffering and blood on his Smurf's hands was definitely not what Papa Smurf hoped for his children ...

Now I just have to get rich, buy the Copyrights and spend a year or two drawing the book.

Thanks to Stephen Lindsay, for the big help with the text!

This is a Homage. Smurfs® and all related characters are © Peyo - © IMPS - All rights reserved. Mention of these characters in this document is without permission of © Peyo - © IMPS, but said use is not intended to challenge the owner's trademark rights or copyrights. People who want to learn more about Smurfs® are encouraged to watch the cartoon and visit the official site.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another Hellboy.

A lot of people's favorite character, me included.

I was hoping that HELBOY II could be a little more like the comic book. I'm not so sure now that I saw the trailer.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little Peter

This is the origin of that little guy on the right. A character from a fake comic-book teaser back in 2006.

The fake text: In October, a NEW comic book by Marcelo Braga and the Diburros staff: LITTLE PETER - The 6th. Pre-Order NOW! Never leave LITTLE PETER alone again...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Interview and a Skull

Last week ’ did an interview with me. I think it's a very nice idea to get to know a little better and in their words, all the guys in the site. Benjamin Lee will try to feature a new artist every week, so keep checking!

By the way, do you know the Sympathetic Skull?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

London Book Fair Pics

Here are some pictures I found in Flickr about the Moleskine Stand at the London Book Fair 2008. I didn't find specifically my book, but it's cool just knowing he's there enjoying the trip.

Photo by Axyr1s.

Photos by Sam Martin.

That's my name, among some great artists, including Mika Lins, also from Brazil and a Van Damme's cousin.

Photos by Katie Johnson, Sam Martin and Dan Morelle.

They asked, but I didn't see anyone using the gloves. In the low right, a closer look of Mattias Adolfsson's wonderfull book. Now it's time to wait for the Frankfurt Book Fair and the sketchbook coming home, with many stories from his journey.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Judge

Still praticing watercolor, I tried to bring more depth to "Judge", a character of my unfinished webcomic already published here until page 17 and apparently still without an end.

As the respected oenologist Fábio Farah and my psychiatrist Pietro Bordini would say: It's time to finish the fat boy's saga...

Monday, April 14, 2008

London Book Fair

This small book is in the London Book Fair this year. I was very flattered to be contacted by Marsida Shyti, from alongside people of the calibre of Mattias Adolfsson. The book is there at the moleskine stand, the fair starts today and if you’re in London you can personally meet it. After that, only in the Frankfurt Book Fair in October.

The best part of it is that they sent me 5 books of my choice. So you'll be seing a lot of sketches like theese here in the next months. Also, if you're interested, Benjamin started a nice blog dedicated to moleskine lovers and their art: ’ Take a look, a lot of great books there.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Watercolor Lessons

I did this yesterday, at Cárcamo's watercolor class. Being there watching him paint in the middle of all those originals is already a full course.

Cárcamo is really a great guy, wonderfull artist and very patient teacher. Daldoce, Gustavo Duarte, Spacca, Lucas Leibholz and Gabriel Bá already took that course too.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Drawing People

For me, the most diffcult part of drawing living people is not getting noticed. Now I'm trying to sketch with a pair of Sunglasses but it doesn't work every time, specially at night. The HULK is a bonus, he wasn't there.