Friday, August 14, 2009

Jesus Hates Zombies Vol. 3

Last march I was invited by Stephen Lindsay to make the cover of his beloved comicbook "Jesus Hates Zombies - Vol. 3". And here it is.

In 2007 I had already made a pinup for this series. Besides that, Stephen and I are working on a project called C-Minus that is currently on hold while we finish other things. Daniel Thollin signs the inside art of Vol. 3 and if you're interested, you can order the Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 ( Featuring Danilo's great cover ) at

Making of JHZ Vol. 3 Cover

When Stephen invited me to make the Jesus Hates Zombies Vol.3 cover, he already had an idea for what he wanted. Besides Jesus, who hates zombies, there is Abraham Lincoln, who hates werewolves. In this volume, they're going to be cruising around in the famous General Lee car, from The Dukes of Hazard.

Drawing Jesus is easy, but to draw Lincoln and the car I was gonna need some references pictures. I got everything I needed at the famous site

I started with Abe, as he was easier and more fun to draw. I hadn't started thinking about the layout, but decided to try to understand the man through some sketches of his face and his hate about those damn lycanthropes!

I liked the sketch and idea that Stephen had for the cover, I just redesigned it adding some perspective, changing the characters a little bit and and sent it for his approval.

Actually I was getting some problems with the whole car, characters, perspective composition in one sheet, so I decided to go the easy way and put all together with the help of our friend Photoshop. Of course it would be cooler to make it all work in one sheet, but I was with so little time and didn't want to keep Stephen waiting for my experiments and exercises.

I inked all of the elements separately, corrected the Lincoln face, the Jesus size and went to Photoshop to add some colors, the skyline and the Las Vegas sign.

With some textures and some dirt over our heroes, the cover was pretty much finished an I had the final image to show. Stephen was really fast to put the logo on the top of it and it was it.

Feel free to check out Stephen's site, his Facebook or Twitter for more information on release dates and upcoming projects.

Thanks, guys.