Monday, December 11, 2006

TEX PATROL - 20 years!

Here's a cool thing I did and I think everybody should do once, just for the fun of it.

When I was 7 in 1984, I had a group of "Super-Trained-Soldiers" called "TEX PATROL". Of course, based mostly on the G.I.Joe characters... I used to make comic books of the team as good as I could. It lasted 3 issues. Here's the cover of the #3.


Then, 13 years later, when I was 20, I did the same drawing again. Just to see how I had evolved. I didn't change anything, I chose to stick to the concept drawing of that 7yo kid.


Well, when I was 27, in 2004 I did it again. Surely there was a huge difference between them 3, and I think it's a very interesting way to capture the evolving process of my drawings in spaces of 10 years. The second one took a little longer, I shoul've done it in 1994 but I'll try to make the next one in 2014, and the chronology will be a little better.


Why don't you do the same? You just havo to redo a drawing from 10 years ago and make an appointment with yourself to redo the same drawing again in 10 years. C'mon... It's so EASY!


Alex Senna said...

looks like a great thing to do in a saturday night!

best regards

Todd Harris said...

nice idea, i'll have to try it and then post it. great job.

Iggy said...

That looks like fun!
I liked how he looks to be in better balance with time. Ha
And the last one is pretty dramatic.

I'll try that sometime.

Sebastien Gallego said...

That's a great idea! You made me want to try that too!
I really like your art Marcelo. It really inspired me. I'm usually not a big fan of the super hero culture but I really enjoyed your take on it!
Have a great day, Seb

akt said...

that is cool! redrawing the same drawing after several years and years again later on. Man, it is always cool seeing the evolution of skill.


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