Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"My Friends and what they're doing" - Part I

Featuring Today: NITCHOWS.
{DO NOT confound him with NITCHOWS GREEN MORTON}

This gifted artist is one of the monkeys working at the Macacolândia studio. Take your time to browse trough his great blog "Desenho Frito" and his amazing moleskine pages in his flickr account "Bruneskine".

Here's is how Nitchows probably will look like in the year 2035.

Drawing Nitchows during lunch time is always great fun! And here we can see him in his first encounter with the DEVIL. Better luck next time, my friend!

*Yeah, there's a "n" missing in the word "Strange", but it's too late to fix it.


Enef said...

Great great great works! As usual!

Jenea said...

Hey man your work is very Awesome!!!!

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You're a genius! You're a great story teller, a unique, because you use images and not words.

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